You can't judge a cook by his mother

I know so very few people who actually follow this adage. Is it even possible to not judge a book by its cover? In these super fast interweb, twitterizing, you tube, I tube, we all fucking you tube days, where it's almost become an imperative to partake in a social-non-social networking that is all about judging and putting out your perceived image of who you are or at least who you wish to be—can we even attempt to not judge people? (Jeez I sound like Carey from Sex and City).

Documentation of the the commonly used saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" stems from the saying "You can't judge a book by its binding". I think this paints a better visual about what it is that we are not meant to be judging. Each and everyone's insides, their bindings you could say, are what make them who they are. Imagine if people didn't judge each other before attaining better proof of our judgmental perceptions. So I'm going to conscientiously try to not judge a book by it's bindings all week and see where it takes me. (I just re-read and it sounds a little preachy but please don't judge).

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