Baby cakes

We think these cute little cupcakes creations are a perfect birthday gift (especially for the weight conscious!) Anne Farrell studied at the Claremont School of Art and the West Australian School of Art Design & Multimedia at Perth Central TAFE. Having received a Diploma of Fine Art & Design in 2000 she then went on to complete a Bachelor of Art at Curtin University. She has exhibited at Perth Galleries, Free Range,Keith & Lottie just to name a few. "I've recently made these little cakes and desserts from all the plastic lids, beads and buttons that I collect. They are inspired by things such as Tupperware, plastic toys from the 1970's and 80's and trips to Miss Maud with my mum." Working as a primary school Art Specialist Teacher Anne says her main aim is to express ideas and depict feelings through non-figurative metaphor. “I make and sometimes draw or paint objects, mainly constructing them from readily available materials like cardboard boxes and other found objects because I like them to be imperfect.” “Working with kids has become a big inspiration for me. The intention of my recent work is to capture some of the charm of children's artwork and recapture my own childhood experiences. Check out more of Anne’s amazing art at her blog.


  1. Yeah! Check me out! (Except my name is Anne Farrell not Anna Farrel and I still live in Australia).

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