Unhappy Birthday

The single 'Unhappy Birthday', off the Smiths Strangeways Here We Come (the legendary bands' last original release), reinforced the spoilt brat undertones of Morrissey’s attitude throughout the whole album's recording process. The band is said to have broken up during the recording of the album and consequently Morrissey, realising he was principally responsible for the split of one of the greatest song writing partnerships is pop history with Jonny Marr, has a tanty with songs like—'I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish', 'I Won’t Share You', 'Paint A Vulgar Picture' and of course 'Unhappy Birthday'. Thought to be their somewhat shabolic mess album, it’s still amazing, and of course Moz shines through with his unrelentingly funny take on his oh-so-important life. A must have in all itunes libraries.

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