Although it has almost nothing to do with our monthly theme of Birthday we couldn’t not have this album featured, mostly because of its Romantic cover art by legendary photographer Richard Avedon (and of course it's amazing album title).

Romance Is On The Rise by South African bombshell Geneviève Waïte was released in 1973 with some help from her then hubby Mama and Papa John Phillips (Geneviève and John are Mama and Papa of Bijou Philips).

The kooky album is perfect for Sunday afternoons baking cupcakes and spring-cleaning. The biggest single “Biting my Nails” was later covered rather scarily by Renegade Soundwave in 1987 complete with Day-Glo video clip, synth piano and brass section. Personally the original is the best.

Geneviève’s singing style could be classed as Yé-yé girl pop, a movement from the 60’s that originated in France. Yé-yé meaning Yeah Yeah, one of the most famous Yé-yé girls being Françoise Hardy, a French Beauty incarnate.

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